Tastea has been using quality ingredients since the beginning but we've taken it up a few notches.
In 2018, our founders visited a tea farm and curated our own special blend of premium tea leaves.
We're proud to begin offering this new tea into our quality drinks & to share it with our amazing customers.

In line with that same principle, we feel our greatest accomplishment is your smile. If for any reason you are not smiling with your drink, we will simply replace it or refund your money. Just let a team member know. It’s that easy.


This bright and brisk high grown estate whole leaf Nilgiri tea has been carefully hand blended with smooth rich Yunnan golden buds to create a supremely classic infusion that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Black Tea

Green tea lightly fired to maintain silvery tips, traditionally scented with jasmine blossoms. This tea makes for a very nice Green Milk tea due to its distinct astringency.

Jasmine Green Tea

White peony tea is only harvested for a few weeks each year in the northern district of Fujian, China. The process of white tea is quite minimal which includes drying and withering almost immediately after picking.

White Tea

This beautifully smooth and malty tea is harvested from the Assam region of the flat lands of Northern India. It steeps a rich golden infusion and may be steeped multiple times.

Assam Tea

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