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1. In-House Hosted at Tastea

In-house fundraising is a great option to let your friends and family choose from our selection of yummy drinks and delicious bites.

We’ll provide special flyers to help raise awareness of your event. At the end of your event, Tastea will donate 20% of all pre-tax sales generated by your organization’s fundraising flyers.

Scheduling Your Event

Dates and times vary based on location.  A minimum two weeks notice is required to schedule your in-store event. Reach out to us below to request a preferred date of your event!

Does Tastea Have Minimum Sales Requirements?

For in-house fundraising, a $100 pre-tax minimum event sales amount is required for your organization to receive a check. That’s only 20 supporters!

2. Sell Your Own Tastea

Enjoy the instant gratification of holding an ice cold Tastea beverage in your hands!

Pick any milk tea or specialtea* on our menu in increments of 10.

*Some exclusions may apply.

Our Pricing Commitment

To help support and bolster our communi-tea, Tastea will discount up to 50% off your Fundraiser order to get you to your goal faster. A minimum of 50 drinks is required to run a Sell Your Own Fundraiser. Percentage varies per location.

Are there Refunds on Unsold Tastea Drinks?

We highly doubt you’ll have any Tastea drinks leftover but in the rare case, we are unable to accommodate refunds or credit on drinks.

Scheduling Pick-Up

Dates & times vary based on location. A minimum one week notice is required to schedule a pick-up. Reach out to us via our website to request a pick-up date!

All of our drinks are prepared without ice to preserve quality. Ice is available on the side upon request. Please bring a cooler or box with you for transporting the drinks.

3. Sponsorships

Tastea offers a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities

Inquiring about Sponsorships

Types of sponsorships vary based on location. Reach out to us below to request more information from your local Tastea!

Current Possible Sponsorships

Types of sponsorships:

• Banner Signage

• Yearbook Ads

• Gift Card Donations