Ellie Chen, September 2 2022

Tastea Outstanding Student Program 📝

Tastea is launching our first Outstanding Student Program! We are looking for teachers in K-12 interested in working with us to gift their outstanding student. 

Teachers MUST apply with their school email address in order to qualify 

📚How Does it Work? 📚

Every 3 months, Tastea will select Teachers across California or Arizona to receive 3 Outstanding Student Packets.

 - Every month, the winning teacher can pick a student that was outstanding!

- As part of the student's prize, they'll receive a 20oz Blended Drink or Tea!

*Restrictions: We have limited spots available so if you don't make it this time, we'll be picking teachers again in 3 months! Entry does not guarantee acceptance to the program. Valid only for schools of California or Arizona within 10 miles of a Tastea location. Must be an employed teacher working in K-12 to enter. Please use your school email for verification purposes.


Written by

Ellie Chen

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