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The Tastea Team, October 12 2021

Join us for a exclusive K-Pop Up Event at Tastea Communications Hill!✨ 🎃

*Restrictions: Offer is applicable at Tastea Communications Hill in-store only. Cup sleeves are not available for online ordering or delivery. Cup Sleeve Bundles are given on a first come, first serve basis. Cup Sleeves will be available beginning at 12pm and are available until supplies last. Limited amount of cup sleeves will be available per day & cannot be guaranteed. Food items, jug purchases, or merchandise are NOT eligible to receive a cup sleeve bundle. Customers must show their receipt in order to receive a free poster, while supplies last. Third-party delivery service apps do not qualify for this promotion.

💜 Q: Where can I get a Cup Sleeve Bundles?

A: Cup sleeve bundles & freebies are available in-store only at our Tastea Communications Hill location.

💜 Q: Will the Cup Sleeve Bundles be available at all Tastea NorCal locations? 

A: This collaboration is only available at Tastea Communications Hill.

💜 Q: Are cup sleeves an additional charge? 

A: Cup sleeves are FREE with any drink purchase. Each drink in your order will receive a cup sleeve bundle as long as you add "Cup Sleeve Bundle" item onto your ticket.

💜 Q: How can I receive a free poster? 

A: After you pick-up your order at the pick-up station, head to the SarangHello freebie table & present your receipt and drinks in order to receive a poster. Posters are (1) per receipt. 

💜 Q: Will I receive a cup sleeve bundle for food purchases? 

A: At this time, cup sleeve bundles are reserved for 20oz or 32oz drinks ONLY. Jug purchases, food items, and merchandise are NOT eligible to receive a cup sleeve.

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The Tastea Team

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